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Dedicated to Preventing Stroke and Preventable Deaths In Africa and Around the Word

Welcome to Emergency and Rescue Medicine Foundation for African Countries (ER-MFAC)


Emergency and Rescue Medicine Foundation for Africa Countries is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization incorporated in 2018 in Germantown, Tennessee dedicated to preventing stroke and reducing preventable deaths in Africa and around the world. The lack of coordinated medical, emergency and preventive care in the continent of Africa is a huge challenge. Many treatable acute injuries and illnesses lead to death in Africa and around the world. ER-MFAC initiative is focused on recognizing medical emergencies such stroke and other medical conditions and implementing reliable emergency care systems to prevent them and deaths associated with them.  

We believe that with international collaboration, partnership, and outreach in African countries and around the world, we can prevent stroke and also reduce the occurrence of preventable deaths associated with other illness.

We plan to achieve this by educating the community, offering preventive and emergency medical training to healthcare students and professionals along with providing readily available medications and medical supplies. In addition, changing the people's attitude towards stroke, recognizing and learning to practice self-care. 


Our mission is to prevent stroke and reduce preventable deaths in Africa and around the world through the provision of  health education, medical supplies, outreach programs and changing the global attitude towards emergency medical response. 

Health Professional 

Education on Emergency Recognition and Response 

 Community Emergency Health and Safety Tranining

Emergency Training Programs for First Responders at Program Sites

Provision of Medical Supplies and Equipment

Open Notebook

   Medical, Nursing, and Allied        Healthcare Schools/Programs

       Individualized with                    community focus

Hospitals, Clinics & Communities         Medical Supplies/Equipment